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breakbeat selection for Bey Stores Sound Design Experience

.breakbeat. for Bey Stores

Project Type

Sound Design


Istanbul, Karakoy



Breakbeat is a genre of electronic dance music that emerged in the 1980s and gained popularity in the 1990s. It is characterized by its distinctive and rhythmic structure, which features a break or a drum solo that is looped and manipulated to create a hypnotic and energetic groove.

The Choice for Bey Stores:

It was critical for Bey Stores to identify with a sound that not only embodies the brand's dynamic and avant-garde essence, but also bears a weight of tradition and innovation. Breakbeat, with its rich history and powerful energy, naturally connects Bey Stores' historical refinement with the current, energetic tempo of today's metropolitan settings.

Breakbeat was chosen as Bey Stores' sonic identity due of its outstanding capacity to relate with both the past and the future. The breakbeat genre comprises an evolution of sound that is both anchored in history and aggressively forward-thinking, just like Bey Stores curates a perfect combination of timeless classics and new trends.

We want to create an audio brand experience for Bey Stores that was as memorable as their visual and tactile goods by embracing the energetic and varied vibes of breakbeat. Every beat and rhythm is designed to mimic the brand's heart, welcoming customers into a world where fashion meets rhythm.

Step into Bey Stores, and let the breakbeats guide your shopping rhythm. From the racks to the registers, it's not just shopping; it's an experience.

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